How I keep my relationship strong.

What prompted me to want to blog about this topic you ask? Well, hmm… I was having one of those days where my fiancé was not in the very best of moods, at first I thought that it may have nothing to do with me, but my tarot cards told me differently. I will admit,Continue reading “How I keep my relationship strong.”

How I’m becoming a more confident person.

It’s the most amazing feeling when we can finally feel confident about ourselves. It’s the better part of what we strive for to make life just a little bit easier for us. I decided to be more nurturing towards me. I made a sound decision to be my best friend, and I know that aContinue reading “How I’m becoming a more confident person.”

Bright Future Tarot: Review

‘I offer a book and tarot deck with or without keywords. The deck withkeywords is very popular especially when bought with the book, which includes exercises on reading cardsintuitively and learning the cards as a whole system. The deck is designed to be an everyday tarot deck, thatwill be your best and most loyal friend,Continue reading “Bright Future Tarot: Review”

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