Manifest success affirmation


Our minds often seem as though it is irresolute.

No matter what you try to do it stays drifting into the direction of its own way, the way it has learnt to be for years.

Constantly checking your bank balance to make sure that your total isn’t zero, even though you have only bought two toothpaste and there’s more than enough to pay your bills.

You are no stranger to having sleepless nights, thinking that it doesn’t matter how much you save you still feel as though you have to chase money, that it isn’t a loyal friend.

It only comes to pay the billls and it does’nt multiply in response to your talents and hard work.

Your heart knows the truth

Deja (guidebook pg. 115)
  1. My desires are destined to be a reality

My words to you:

It never leaves me, it’s there with me when I wake up and its there with me when I go to sleep.

I dream about it, I write about it.

I plan it.

Who can take it away from me without my permission?

Who has time to kick me off my grind when they are on their own grind?

It is my heart and my soul.

It travels with me towards my fears and concerns.

It wipes away my sweat when I am tired from learning more about how to make it work for me, and me for it.

It is my purpose.

I am chained to it.

It is within.

It is laced with my perfume.

I must go after it. and only then… will it be.

There are so many talented and gifted people out there who doubt themselves and their ability to be successful so much that they don’t even try.

Deja guidebook pg.165

2. I am unique and only I can do what I do

I stay clear of the thought that would misrepresent this affirmation.

The thought that making this line my mantra, has afforded me a seat in self absorbed camp.

But that I am standing next to, not below or under… but right next to the talented folks who have inhabited the earth.

Never will I be jealous, but honing in on the knowledge that everyone was given something to serve to the world.

Understanding that to be jealous, neither one of us could flourish under the channeling of that low vibrational disturbance.

I accept and support everybody else’s talent.

I shine light on the area that best showcase their awesomeness, and I dig only for the gratitude of their bravery.

I am unique and only I can do what I do.

It is very easy to limit ourselves and feel like being successful and wealthy isn’t possible for everyone.

Daja guidebook pg. 162

3. Everything I dream of is achievable

If I desire to have a private jet, I can.

I will take steps towards making this private jet possible in my life.

If I desire to have the most expensive collection of wine in my wine cell, I WILL BE GRANTED THIS COLLECTION WITH MY CONSTANT COOPERATION.

If I feel I need the most expensive gold and silver watches, this I will also have.

The car I was obsessing over when I was a kid, it is searching for me whilst I am on my way to it.

It is already mine.

I don’t need to work twice as much as everybody else to achieve and receive these things, I am always divinely guided towards what needs to be done next, in the moment, within this day and every minute after the hour.

That coat is mine, I don’t fear that I will only wear it once.

What ever amount I will spend on it will be worth it. It doesn’t matter if the same amount isn’t returned to me, I know that what is mine, what is truly mine will always return twice over.

It is time to evaluate your relationship with money.

Deja guidebook pg. 35

4. I love and respect money

I invest my money with no fear.

Any intrusive thought that chooses to contradict my wish to invest with no fear, will be rejected by me.

I do not hoard money.

I respect money and I know how it works.

The way I spent money in the past is not going to affect the way I will spend it now.

I refuse to think and critique how money was made and how it was brought to us.

My money does not belong in every direction that shows up in my life, but carefully chosen paths will lead me to a greater advantage.

Without taking action, trying new things, we wouldn’t be risking “failing”. Failure is in the eye of the beholder.

Deja guidebook pg.145

5. I celebrate my wins and failures

I believe that life is an adventure, and you either experience one thing or the other, daily.

I want to love these experiences, these experiences of failure and winning.

I understand that winning and failing introduces depth, and this depth is needed to encourage us to be better, and to do better so that we can make ourselves proud. No one else but ourselves.

I love watching myself fall and rise back up again, I can appreciate the bad because of the good and I can appreciate the good because of the bad.

Nothing in life is worth avoiding failure.

My failures create my success.

I believe that I am going to make it no matter what I do wrong, and likewise, no matter what I do right.

The universe is not always explainable. Things happen with no explanation.

Deja guidebook pg.142

6. The universe always surprises me with gifts

I choose to remember all the blessings I’ve received, all the gifts that were unexpected from the universe through the people in my life, and through the ones that are no longer present.

I am open to believe that I have received plenty from the universe, even the ones I once thought was nothing.

Small gifts from the universe are just as valuable, just as appreciated as the bigger ones.

My life is consisted of blessings and of things that are always on time. This includes the pizza that was suppose to be delivered in the next 30 minutes, but it got to you in the next 40 minutes.

Had you not waited the extra ten, you would’ve missed that important call that was leading you to your next surprise.

The knock you thought you heard bringing you downstairs, that was so that you could get that thing done, that would’ve been done the next day… or never.

One gift that the universe is kind with, is the gift of helping you to get things done without thinking too much about which order they will be done in, or if you will be able to fit certain things into your schedule.


  • These are tarot size oracle cards
  • It comes in a magnetic box
  • Includes 188 pages in the guidebook (manifesting lesson for each card)
  • AND for the exciting part: it has black holographic edges

What I love about this deck

  1. I love the fact that the colours are black, white and coffee stained
  2. Those colours work so great when it comes to manifesting money, it’s clean, it’s simple and It sticks
  3. I love the fact that it made my hand vibrate or tingle, whenever I held them (an entire blog about the healing heat, from my hands will be coming soon)
  4. I love that it gives you six plain cards to write your own affirmations on. Mine are as follows:
  • my life is full of wealth beyond money
  • my income can exceed my expenses
  • my finances don’t scare me because I have a plan
  • I accept the flow of money from multiple sources
  • negative emotions about money don’t serve my financial goals

Dont worry if the affirmations you’ve chosen, seems like they sound similar to each other. I believe this makes for a more accurate reading. So if you already have this deck, but haven’t used those blank cards, now is your chance. And for those of you considering, getting this deck, you are welcome to use the ones I’ve chosen, if you would like.

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She is a witch, a writer, a fiancée and a queen at healing the masses within. A 24 year old woman, based in the UK, she finds peace in the tarot, peace in the oracle. She breathes humility and a passion to help bring the art of your mind to life in a snap. Bring to her your work, create by night by day and she will be there to help you pursue like a coin displayed on a tray.

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