My Personal Power

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  1. I follow my heart

It may feel at times that following your heart would hurt those who rely on you or have certain expectations.

Deja (Guide book pg: 82)

My story:

Following my heart once meant following my mother. Before I continue, I want to say that everything that I will go on to saying is out of love, but also the truth, which is often ugly.

Following my mother meant that I had to have no personality, no hobbies, no relationship with myself, thus, not knowing what I needed in order to live a happy fulfilling life.

I realised that I was homesick and I needed to go home, back to Jamaica. This is no longer the case, but I wanted to add this in as a basis we can go off of, for the card above.

She spoke to her friend about my decision to head back home, but in a very manipulative way, as there is no other way she knows how.

The friend unknowingly used the same tactic, and it resulted in me moving my focus away from what I NEEDED.

It is important to note that my mom wants to keep me under her wings because it would benefit her, not because she cares about my physical or mental health which was the argument she raised when she learnt that I wanted to go back home.

This fact didn’t unravel until later on, that is why I am so certain of it.

For You

Follow your heart.

Follow the sweet tender voice of destiny, the positive lustre of where you should go… of where your heart is singing. Not the negative destiny where you always end up dying in a car crash, or the false knowing that everything you do will fail. But the positive voice of destiny, that where your heart says you should go, is the real way forward.

Use the negative voice of destiny, only as a knowing that things won’t always be great, so that you are mentally and emotionally prepared, but not obsessively looking in every dark corner.

2. I am sacred

If you don’t yet know the importance of self care, one day you will.

Deja (guidebook pg. 26)

My story

She wasn’t lying.

I learnt this when I had a nervous breakdown in college.

One of the things that stood out the most, was how I couldn’t quite see the stairs as they were… not moving.

I was in great danger of missing my step and falling. I couldn’t hold on to the handrail because it wasn’t in my reach, at least that’s what it felt like.

I felt like I was swaying in my seat in one of my lectures, a friend at the time, had to check in with me if I was okay here and there.

On my way home I had this weird feeling in my gut that something was going to happen, something that I probably should prepare myself for.

I crossed the road safely, but then fell flat on my face. How did it happen?

Until this day I am still wondering, much like you might be wondering.

Everything on that day happened in literal slow motion, I could not grab a persons hand to help me up when they were offering.

My life was just consisted of doing things for everybody else, coming home to negative energies, arguments and criticisms; assignments after assignments, voices in my head, nightmares.

Yet still, I rejected myself the way I had been rejected and hell continued to rain lava until I learnt my lesson.

For you

Listen to your body when it says:

Sis, I can’t go any further. Please let us sit and talk about what the matter is.

When it says brother:

I know you would much rather take a hike or pursue a Bitcoin investment, but can we just sit for a while. Let us breathe, have you been noticing that you stop breathing when you are too deep into something? It’s not good for you.

3.I trust my intuition

We are all born with our higher self, which is our spirit self that is always aware and has all the answers.

Deja (guidebook pg.34)

My story

What does my higher self sound like?

“Wake up, you’re in a car with someone who cannot be trusted. Wake up! You are almost home. They are not bringing you in the direction of your home!”

“You are being manipulated into hating someone who is innocent.”

“You were in the right.”

“You were in the wrong.”

“You are on the verge of a nervous breakdown, I know you don’t feel it yet, but if you don’t slow down now; it will sneak upon you fast enough.”

“I know you are sleepy and you barely know what is going on, but she opened your window and lied to you that she didn’t, in order to make you feel crazy.”

“No. Don’t say that, this is exactly what will escalade the situation and by then, neither one of you will be able to have control over it.”

For You

There is someone inside of you, someone that has your back. Someone outside of your negative thoughts, outside of your layered critic. No one can take this person away from you, no one can rip this map apart, no one can stop your navigating system… but you.

It will never break up with you or tell you that it is too tired to help.

4. I am celebrated

How often do you celebrate your small wins? We often wait until we reach major milestones and stress ourselves out if we don’t reach them when we expect.

Deja (guidebook pg. 18)

My story

I had a period in my life where I was incapable of reading, where I was incapable of understanding, never being able to hold on to what I’ve read or what ive learnt.

It was frustrating, it felt like everything that I loved was being taken away from me.

If I can’t read for too long without my brain screaming at me, without dissociating, without needing to read one sentence twenty times. Then how am I going to become a writer? How am I going to be able to write what I mean… better yet, think what I feel?

Signing up to a library was my small win, I celebrated that. Because I knew it meant that I was one step closer to doing something that seemed impossible.

For You

Pat yourself on the back for the small things you have achieved.

Tell yourself that it is okay to have inconsistencies in the wins you are able to achieve.

It’s okay that you didn’t show up to your daughters dance practice seven years ago, but you’ve been at her basket ball practice seven times in a row.

I’ts okay that you got that one skateboard trick perfect last tuesday but today you seemed to have lost it. That person was still you, it wasnt your twin or an entirely different person, that person was you!

5. I am perceptive

We have the power to encourage ourselves and also to self sabotage.

Deja (guidebook pg. 36)

My story

In my past relationships, I preceived that everything would end in pain. So I tried to control every interaction. It meant that I would have to be on high alert at all times.

This led to me becoming almost psychic. Knowing what they were going to do to me before they did it, trusting and believing only what was negative as a way to receive something positive and safe.

I wanted faithfulness, and that faithfulness wouldve been given to someone who wasn’t faithful herself.

It meant that I didn’t have time to be a girlfriend, it meant that I didn’t have time to invest in them getting to know me in order to give me something positive and safe.

I was five steps ahead but went twenty steps backwards.

For You

How can you approach each thought with a curiosity as opposed to accepting it as a fact?

Deja (guidebook pg. 37)

6. I trust in divine timing

Whatever you are so eager to have or do, shall be yours when the time comes.

Deja (guidebook pg.58)

My story

I had been waiting for a good story idea.

So much so that I had one of those instances where I was asleep, in the sleep came one of the most perfect scenes for a book, for a story.

I woke up, almost knocking everything over. Trying to get me something to quickly jot everything down. Of course I got some of it, but the setting and the atmosphere was missing… that was one of the most important part.

I needed it, and I still want it.


I am grateful that I was able to write down the majority of it, and that when the time is right, the story will be mine, I will go on to writing it and to share it with the world.

For You

What can you focus on right now that would ease your mind?

Deja (guidebook pg. 59)

7. I have permission

We are taught growing up to play by the rules. We must raise our hands in class to ask or answer a question. We must ask permission to use the restroom.

Deja (guidebook pg.48)

My Power

I have permission to do the things that makes me afraid.

I have permission to write the book that has been trying to squeeze its way out of me.

I have permission to marry the love of my life.

I have permission to leave the home of my mother without the guilt of leaving her by herself.

I have permission to go no contact.

I have permission to wear whatever colour I want to wear.

I have permission to keep my location hidden.

I have permission to collect what I want to collect.

I have permission to draw.

I have permission to paint.

I have permission to get to know myself.

For You

What do you not give yourself permission to do and why?

Deja (guidebook pg.48)

8. I am confident

It is very difficult to not compare yourself to all the perfect women all over social media and commercials, especially as we age and our bodies change.

Deja (guidebook pg. 62)

My power

When I learnt that I had a choice, everything was over from there.

From then onwards, nothing had the right to tell me that my kind of beautiful is the incorrect kind.

I believe that since I exist, I am breathing and you can physically see me… I believe that makes me beautiful, that it is a part of what makes me beautiful.

The fact that my features are the way that they are, makes me beautiful. The fact that the shape of my nose, face and chin, cannot be changed drastically, makes me beautiful. The fact that my eye colour cannot change on their own, makes them insanely beautiful.

The fact that I don’t look like anyone else, makes me beautiful, the fact that they don’t look like me, makes them beautiful.

I tolerate too much abuse in this life to tolerate commercials trying to control the way I view myself.

So I am both sexy and beautiful, end of discussion.

I can understand that standing next to another beautiful woman, makes us both individually beautiful. And neither one of us needs to deal with the headache of looking identical and having others finding it hard to tell us apart.

For You

Do you thank your body for being the perfect container for your soul?

Deja (guidebook pg.63)

9. I have a higher purpose

We are all here for a reason and have a higher purpose. I’ts very different for everyone. Sometimes the smallest things we do make a huge impact on others.

Deja (guidebook pg.50)

My power

My purpose is to heal through both my words and experiences, typed by my hands. I heal through my mind my words and from my palms to my fingers.

It is just as simple as that, and I need not, complicate it, as I’ve done in the past.

For You

What events do you feel are leading you on your lifes purpose?

Deja (guidebook pg. 51)

10. I am responsible for my life

Many believe our life is written in the stars, pre-planned but we also have free will.

Own your power and don’t allow yourself to play the victim or feel helpless.

Deja (guidebook pg. 14)


  • There are 45 cards that make up this deck
  • Very diverse
  • It promotes confidence, self love, self- esteem and self worth
  • It is a 400gsm, great quality cards not very bendy, perfect size for my small hands.
  • Slightly bigger than poker cards but smaller than tarot card (I think it is available in the tarot size if my memory serves correct)
  • It is hand illustrated by Deja herself
  • The edges are matte hot pink with glitter
  • The box has a magnetic closer
  • 99 pages in the guidebook
  • And silver foiling on the backs
  • May not be great for riffle shufflers


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