The Fantastic Menagerie: Review

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Who was it created by?


The cards

Once they are finally in your hands, you will experience the crisp smoothness of the cards being passed along each other.

I love the gold thin border. Although it gives the apperance of a border, it still gives it that borderless feel with the white tying in with the background of each illustration.

Weary of tarot cards that features animals?

If you think about it, animals are mysterious creatures. At least for those of us that are now taking the time to look at them very closely.

Think about the language that they speak, that we don’t.

The look in their eyes that we can never translate because we have separated ourselves from them entirely.

With this deck, you don’t have to go full animal, J.J. Grandville presented us with a 2 in 1 special. Scenes that are usually intended for political or social commentary. It is ‘Fantastically dramatic and vivid’ quoted from the back of the box, but I will let you be the judge of that.

Here are 4 cards: sticking with the theme of four (BABA) STUDIO!

Did somebody say cold stamp?!



Are you captured by the antelope looking right at you in the two of wands?

Dare I or dare I not? Lesser plans, cautious dreams.



Are you taken by the winged black cat in The Devil card?

Addiction, seduction, temptation and enslavement


How do these cards read next to each other?

Let us find out.

On this box two cards decided to pose for us today, let us read them shall we?

For the Six of coins we are going to stick with the word ‘generosity.’


For the Strength card, we are going to stick with… courage.

Are you at the point in your life where you are happy with the amount of energy you are able to spread evenly among your many dreams and passions?

Reversed: Are you saying yes to opportunities and offers that are way too many to take on?

Are they sapping you of your energy?

Are you trying to complete something in a day that should take a week to complete?

Free add-ons

  • You get a couple free cards without the design on the backs, of their upcoming decks. You may get anywhere from 2 to 5 cards.

Add ons that are NOT free

  • The companion guide book (which we will get into later)
  • And the pouch (the pouches feature illustrations from some of the cards in the deck, you can choose your favourite card illustration for the front of your pouch. Given it is already made and in stock.
Companion Book: 254 pages

What will you find in the book?

– The life and times of J.J. Grandville

– how to use the deck, uncluding original spreads and sample readings

– keywords and expanded meanings for all cards

– Discussion of why we chose the imagery for each card

– A coloured picture of every card

– A wealth of related illustrations

Back of the book

My experience reading the book

This is not the kind of book you read in 3 to 6 hours. It is the kind of book that will force you to sit with it and think deeply about what is being said. It is ambitious in that it needs to ensure that you understand each card to the very core.

The way the words are strung together may be a hard bump to cross sometimes.

It holds your hand all the way through, it has stories told underneath each illustration to enage the memory, so that you don’t come away form the book forgetting their meanings.

It has its own personality and dialect, funny twist and turns coupled with cards that are read, to explain the personality of each suits.

Do you like scattered cards, or do you like scattered cards?

There are no issues here. As a writer, this deck was a gift from the universe.

It will not just be used for readings.

As in, I’m going to need it… after I need it.

When I finally ran into the website, it was between this deck and another, after I was heartbroken that The Alice Tarot was scooped up by everyone… possibly months before I found the website.

Though I mightve been a week late at least, who knows.

Should you get this deck?

Yes you should.

Is it worth it?

Yes it is. If you are going to use a deck to its death, you might as well get a good quality deck. This deck is THAT deck, its nothing short from its price. I am still amazed at how good the card stock is, and how I am always taken by the way it feels everytime I have it in hand.

It is my first expensive deck, I was always trying to dodge going any further in price for a single deck and this one just pulled me, I hope it does the same to you and that it can find a place in your home and that you grow to love it the way I do.

They really put a lot of work in their decks.

Have you seen the video on their website, where they show you the behind the scenes? If anything, seeing that much hard work put in for us was really one of the biggest reasons I decided to purchase.

Should you get the book?

If you feel safer with the book as a clutch, I think you should.

If you feel confident enough because of this review, you can choose not to. There is a little white book that comes with the deck, less information, but still enough for you to feel guided along the way.


Before you go…

The pouch is such good quality. The back is dressed in velvet while the front is that high quality smooth paper texture with no stretch but in fabric form, so hard to destroy and it shows no crease.

So… do you wanna?


Alrighty then.

Please consider making a donation of a small amount

You are donating because you love my content, because you want to see more of it. You are donating towards the books I will be writing and publishing. Any amount left over will be donated to a charity of my choice. I am a giver, as you are a giver of a small amount. Thank you so much. It is grately appreciated.


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