How do I not write… about you?

How do I pretend as though my eyes never softened at the way my spirit breaths when it welcomes you. Near or far, you are still right here, and I am still right there.

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But it’s too beautiful to write about, too real to give it a life of its own. Can I be the one to say that I never said no?

When I bleed down there, I float on the surface at the thought of how much more positive I am alone, but much more with you. Isn’t it much like this? The way that I touch you but pull my hand away?

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Isn’t it much like the way your voice leads my own?

The only danger is the danger back home.

So bring me to the ocean with you, bring me to the sea.

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Make me cry when you say those words, make me…

lately I’ve been wondering, I’ve been wandering around my mind. Wishing, hoping that there would be something to write.

They came to me, opened up and told me that it’s time.

It’s time to set us free.

I wanted to eat, I wanted to sleep. I wanted to feel the need to do nothing, but honestly.

I am awake, I feel your face against my cheek.

That’s when you know that it’s time to sleep.

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Published by healinghands231

She is a witch, a writer, a fiancée and a queen at healing the masses within. A 24 year old woman, based in the UK, she finds peace in the tarot, peace in the oracle. She breathes humility and a passion to help bring the art of your mind to life in a snap. Bring to her your work, create by night by day and she will be there to help you pursue like a coin displayed on a tray.

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