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Handwriting on the wall

I always had to be prepared. Whether that meant that I had to have a conversation with the shower head before an interview, or I had to learn about everything so that I don’t get embarrassed when somebody mentions something I didn’t know. There was writing on the wall. My emotions were all over the […]

The Tears That Started A Fire

There was nowhere to go. I laid in my bed, eyes open by the prying of the sun, and I wondered… why is it morning when I am not feeling like myself? Why give me another day right now when I am not ready, oh am I being selfish? Please don’t let this day be […]

My Personal Power

I follow my heart It may feel at times that following your heart would hurt those who rely on you or have certain expectations. Deja (Guide book pg: 82) My story: Following my heart once meant following my mother. Before I continue, I want to say that everything that I will go on to saying […]

The ‘NO’ I was proud of

Disclaimer: There is a chance that this might be triggering for some, maybe all. Read… proceed at your own risk. * My challenge for today is to write this blog post even though I am having one of the most beautiful days I could ever ask for… from yours truly… the universe! So there was […]

The Fantastic Menagerie: Review

DISCLAIMER : I am not sponsored. Who was it created by? STUDIO! The cards Once they are finally in your hands, you will experience the crisp smoothness of the cards being passed along each other. I love the gold thin border. Although it gives the apperance of a border, it still gives it that borderless […]


For a long time I’ve been gone. I thought I was there, just like I thought you were… I made excuses as to why your shoes wasn’t there, I made no sound when I heard your absent voice call my name. Where were you dad? Where have you been I want to come with you. […]


Focus on (learning), over achieving So what do I embrace that felt threatening? I think the perfect place to start was where I had done an assignment back in college, an assignment that was the direct definition of three babies crying. Where it gets harder to decipher which one needs you more, be it the […]


Anger is a natural and mostly automatic response to pain of one form or another (physical or emotional). Psychology of Anger (mentalhelp.net) In my case, it was in the form of emotional pain. I feared having to deal with the control I DIDN’T have, over the way he thinks… and this caused me pain… lots […]

A cloud over my head

So here’s the thing. I was minding my own business, being happy, scrolling on Esty. Then suddenly there was a hole in my soul, danger in the air and something like a cloud over my head. I could feel her, it, somebody. She had a problem with something, she made it hard for me to […]


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